Astro Series Radios

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Motorola Astro Series
Market Public Safety
Release Date 1995
EOL Date 2002
Supported Features Conventional Analog
Conventional P25
Motorola Type II Trunking
P25 Phase 1 Trunking (on specific firmware only)

The Astro series of radios are public-safety and commercial radios that were the first Motorola products to support VSELP/IMBE digital modulation, more commonly referred to by Motorola as Astro operation and known to many as P25 digital voice. The first Astro radios, the Astro Saber and Astro Spectra were released in 1995, and the XTS3000 was released in 1996.

Models in Line

Portable Radios

Mobile Radios


Flashport Options

Pulled from

Flashcode Description
Q806 Astro IMBE Digital Operation
H14 Enhanced Digital ID Display
H15 ASTRO Data
H101 Repeater Access (RAC)
H869 Hardware Multikey Encryption
H498 Hardware Multikey Encryption with OTAR
H43 Trunked Remote Monitor/Radio Trace
H46 Trunked One Touch Status Message
H35 Conventional Systems Operation
H37 Smartnet Systems Operation
H38 SmartZone Systems Operation
H915 International Radio
H07 Software Multikey Encryption
H29 Software Singlekey Encryption
Q354 Over the Air Channel Steering
Q353 Over the Air Channel Reassignment
Q352 User-definable Soft ID
Q947 APCO Packet Data Interface
Q241 Analog-only Operation
Q387 Conventional Voting Scan
Q173 SmartZone Omnilink Multizone Operation
Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol

Audio Enhancements

Analog and digital audio is processed by the audio DSP before it is sent through the RF section and transmitted. The default settings are fine, and most people will have no complaints with the quality of audio from these radios. However, as found through testing and tweaking by members of, there exists a much better setting for Astro radios that can make the transmitted audio from these units sound even better. These audio settings can be found in the Radio Configuration -> Radio-Wide -> Tx Audio Control Per Mode section of CPS.

The settings are as follows:

    • Gain Type: AGC
    • Output: 0
    • Total: 6