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  • 13:07, 14 March 2023VP8000 (hist | edit) ‎[2,102 bytes]W3AXL (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Infobox |title = EF Johnson VP8000 |image = 200px |label2 = Market |data2 = Public Safety |label3 = Release Date |data3 = 2022 |label5 = Supported Features |data5 = Conventional Analog<br/>Conventional P25<br/>DMR T2/3 (TBD)<br/>Motorola Type II Trunking<br/>P25 Phase 1 Trunking }} The EF Johnson / Kenwood Viking VP8000 is an all-band public safety P25 radio, released in late 2022 as a competitor to the Motorola APX800...")
  • 23:43, 28 December 2022Harris Tips and Tricks (hist | edit) ‎[747 bytes]W3AXL (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Here's a collection of random useful knowledge in regards to Harris/Macom/Ericcson equipment. == XL-75P/XG-100P/XL-200P DIY Programming Cable == The cable is fairly simply electrically. Consists of 4 USB pins (GND, PWR, D-, D+) and a 6.8k resistor between pin 3 and ground. 256px == P/M7100 Firmware Upgrading == If you're encountering issues with loading new BIN/DSP files onto the P7100/M7100 radios, it's important to use a computer with a hard...")