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Newer Motorola radios, like the APX line, have native support for Bluetooth audio accessories (as well as Bluetooth programming which is extremely nice). Older radios like the Astro and Astro25 lines can also support some Bluetooth accessories using aftermarket dongles, but this article will focus on accessories for the former, as these are where most real-world testing has been done.

OEM Motorola Accessories

These are accessories made directly by Moto for their LMR radios.

EP900W Headset with PTT

The EP900W is a relatively new earpiece intended for use in the EU and EMEA regions with TRBO & business-grade radios. However, it also functions perfectly fine with the APX line of radios. It includes a mic boom and integrated PTT button for full transmit audio.

EP900W/PMLN7851A Headset


Price: $60-80

Vendors: Most Motorola dealers, also available on Amazon



User Manual MN005439A01

Audio Profiles

The mic on the EP900w, because it's located up on the cheek, is slightly muffled compared to most speaker mics. With a little EQ, you can improve the audio response significantly.

Bluetooth Mic Gain -3
Audio Equalization
Group Setting Custom
Low Frequency Band 0
Mid Frequency Band -2
High Frequency Band -4

Of course, the standard Astro25 audio settings also apply for gain & AGC.

Aftermarket Accessories

GoNovate G10 Listen-Only Earpiece

This earpiece is getting harder to find, as it's been discontinued by GoNovate. However, it is an extremely compact receive-only earpiece that fits entirely within the ear. There was also an available skintone color which allowed even more concealment.

GoNovate G10


Price: $20-30

Vendors: Amazon, eBay