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The APX (pronounced "Apex") series of radios is the flagship public-safety radio line currently supported by Motorola. The series is notable as being one of the most full-featured radio lines Motorola has made to date, and the series includes the only dual-band Motorola radios currently available.

Motorola APX Series
Market Public Safety
Release Date unknown
EOL Date unknown
Supported Features Conventional Analog
Conventional P25
Motorola Type II Trunking
P25 Phase 1 Trunking
P25 Phase 2 Trunking
Dual-Band Operation

Models in Line

Portable Radios

Mobile Radios


Flashport Options

Flashport options for the APX line of radios depend heavily on the model and control head types used. This list is not comprehensive and is a general overview of the major options available for the platform. Pulled from akardam.net

Flashcode Description


APX radios program using the unified APX CPS Package, which supports all mobile and portable radios.

An Important Note about APX Firmware

Changes in the flashport structure starting with APX firmware version R18 mean that typical "methods" for modifying the radio flashcode will no longer work. Flash upgrading from version 18 onwards is done on a cloud depot platform that is heavily controlled and very locked down. Therefore, I recommend keeping your APX radios on no greater than R17 firmware to maintain their value and customization ability.

Amateur Use & Bandsplits

APX radio bansplits are firmware locked. Even if the CPS installation is edited to allow for programming out of the designed band, the firmware in the radio will reject the programmed frequencies. For this reason, users wishing to use APX equipment in the amateur bands should be sure to obtain the correct bandsplit models. The VHF bandsplit covers the entire 136-174 MHz bandsplit, but there are two UHF bandsplits: R1 and R2. UHF-R1 will cover the amateur 70cm band fine, while UHF-R2 will not.