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The XTL1500, XTL2500, and XTL5000 are three closely-related single-band mobile radios, all part of the Astro25 series of Motorola radios.


Using a standard Odyssey TIB with a W3 Control Head

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Dual Brick W3 Configuration

XTL5000 only

Two XTL5000 radios can be configured to run on a single W3 control head. This configuration requires special wiring of the remote head cabling, and specific codeplug and flashcode options.

Control Head Wiring

<Work in progress, content coming soon>

Software Configuration

<Work in progress, content coming soon>


Flashport Options

These radios share the common Astro25 flashport option set.

Out of Band

See the Hex-Edit Method. All three mobiles will operate in the ham bands without issues, although 900MHz models may exhibit some slight desense due to filter bandwidths.