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(Popular Topics)
(Popular Topics)
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==Popular Topics==
==Popular Topics==
====Motorola Radios====
====Motorola Radios====
* [[Astro25 Series Radios]]
* [[Astro25 Series Radios]]

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Home of All Things Motorola

This is the ever expanding, continually evolving wiki for all things amateur and commercial radio! We're a group of dedicated radio enthusiasts seeking to help others learn more about radio communications, as well as to serve as a repository for tips, tricks, and information on all topics regarding the use of commercial radios on the amateur bands.

This site primarily focuses on Motorola radio equipment, but pages will exist (or might already!) for many other brands, topics, and articles as our team of editors decides to make them. This wiki is 100% run by volunteer editors who use some of their precious free time to help educate the community. If you've got some Moto knowledge and you'd like to become an editor, email me and I'd be happy to get you set up!

Popular Topics


Motorola Radios

Motorola Accessories

Kenwood Radios

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