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The MCS2000 is a single-band analog-only mobile radio, colloquially part of the Jedi series of radios.


Sensitivity Issues

If you notice poor sensitivity, noisy RX, or other receive issues, try opening the radio and tightening the screws holding the boards to the chassis. In some cases the boards will loosen to the point where they do not make good contact with the metal body, reducing the RFI shielding ability and increasing noise in the receiver.

VHF Preamplifier Conversion

Originally, the MCS2000 VHF RX section was offered in two flavors, "normal" and "preamplifier." Those wishing to switch to the higher-gain (and possibly more sensitive) preamplifier version need only to make a few small component changes to the receiver board. The following table and figures are pulled from the MCS2000 VHF detailed service manual.

Component Value
L3405 39nH
C3309 8.2pF
C3310 220pF
R3357 43Ω
R3359 10Ω
R3361 20Ω
R3405 1500Ω