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The Astro Spectra is an Astro radio by Motorola which supports conventional analog and P25 operation as well as 3600-baud Type II trunking and, with the correct firmware, 9600-baud P25 trunking.


Audio Enhancements

Analog and digital audio is processed by the audio DSP before it is sent through the RF section and transmitted. The default settings are fine, and most people will have no complaints with the quality of audio from these radios. However, as found through testing and tweaking by members of, there exists a much better setting for Astro25 radios that can make the transmitted audio from these units sound even better. These audio settings can be found in the Radio Configuration -> Radio-Wide -> Tx Audio Control Per Mode section of CPS.

The settings are as follows:

  • Internal Mic: All AGC Checked
  • External Mic: All AGC Checked
  • AGC
    • Output: -3
    • Total: 12
  • Noise Suppression: Checked
  • Attenuation Level: Advanced



Available Flashcode Options

Out of Band